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Automatic Code Call telfon
Telephone dialer
 Type:     CODE CALL

POINT.gif (926 bytes) Microprocessor controlled functions, programmable with keypad
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Self powered with internal battery
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Selectable Tone/Pulse mode
POINT.gif (926 bytes) 10 programmable telephone numbers (max. 16 dig.) with encoding posibilities
POINT.gif (926 bytes) 20 (60, 90 as required) second message, wich can be divided into up to 8 message fields
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Recording messages with built in microphone, hear messages w/ bilt in speaker
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Central Station competible digital coding protocol possible
POINT.gif (926 bytes) 4 start phone number input entries with specific message for each
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Programmable automatic self testing (time intervals 1-99 hours)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Voice activated message initiated by the receiver's voice (ie. "hello"), digital message started by Central Station "handshake" signal
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Message playing timed preset after dialing (ie. on Dispatcher's line)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Selectable dial tone verification, possibility of programming "pause" (max.  99 sec.)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Alarm deactivation with 1-4 digit code or by "stop" input
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Programmable to stop after a pre set number of "successful" calls made
POINT.gif (926 bytes) "Test mode" checks all operating functions
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Low voltage indicator alert (<11,8 V DC)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Line fault indicator alert (signals during line fault occurance, within a pre-set time)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Alarm signal output   (sends a signal for a 0-99 minute period)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) All programmed data and messages are saved even if there is a power supply cut off
POINT.gif (926 bytes) If you build in an answeare panel, during the call, using DTMF codes, you can make 4 separated connecting operation from your telephone.
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POINT.gif (926 bytes) Tamper proof metal cabinet
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Weight without battery: 0,98 Kg
POINT.gif (926 bytes) External dimensions: 204x130x78 mm
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Power supply: 13,8 - 15 V DC
POINT.gif (926 bytes) It can operate "stand alone" with an AC adapter (regulated charging)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Current consumption:
In "stand-by: 20 mA
During operation: 120 mA
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Type of battery: 12 V; 1,2 Ah (sealed)
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Operational environment: -5°C - +50ºC
POINT.gif (926 bytes) The CODE CALL makes the protection systems (fire or break in alarm signal) to be compatible,  economically and at a low price with "Emergency Call Center" services.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Ideal for controlling the supervision systems of  building operations such as signaling in case of; gas boiler stoppage, out of operation of elevators (lifts) and air conditioners.  With proper sensors; water pipe breakage, smoke or gas leacage with pre recorded verbal voice communication to "Emergency Call Center" services.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Machinery stoppage, electrical failure, mechanical part break down or manufacturing incident can be detected and alert sent out immediately.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Green house tamperature control failure sensor signal detected and alert sent out immediately.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Computer systems and networks electrical failure or back up power failure detection.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Can monitor important telephone lines operation and signal via "cell phone" of interruption to that line.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Can be used by nurses and doctors to receive emergency calls from patients directly to their "cell phones, making them always reachable.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) Invalid or hearingly impaired people can reach the outside world, doctors, friends or relatives in case of emergency.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) It can signal a low voltage alarm system before the sirens actually sound.
POINT.gif (926 bytes) If you build in an answeare panel, during the call, using DTMF codes, you can make 4 separated connecting operation from your telephone. Exaples: heating, cooling, lighting, watering...
POINT.gif (926 bytes) and many many more uses......

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